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Despite the fact that the OV-10 is one of the lesser-known airplanes when compared to F-4s and other more glamorous aircraft of its time, you just can't keep a good plane down. There are not that many videos or films related to the plane. Here is a list of what is known. Of course, please inform us of any other Bronco references on the silver screen!

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Money from items bought through our store will directly benefit OBA by helping to support our museum, this website, holding Bronco Fests, etc. The PX is run in association with Aviation Collecitbles of Texas. This is the best way to buy Bronco items when possible. ACT's OV-10 area often has a different set of items than the OBA PX, so please check them both out. ACT's proprietor, Jim "Grump" Hodgson, is a founding member of the OBA and currently serves as our Secretary and Treasurer.

Suicide Missions - Forward Air Controllers
This show first aired in August 2000 on The History Channel cable network. The OBA assisted in the production of this show, which contains a lot fo OV-10 footage and related interviews. The show's description reads: "During the Vietnam War, Air Force and Marine pilots flew "low and slow" over jungles in antiquated propeller planes--often unarmed--to direct jet bombers toward target. FACs often became victims of enemy ground fire as they carried out their dangerous missions. Meet some of the brave pilots, including the man who saved BAT-21. (cc) [TV PG]" A video is available from the History Channel's online store, but please check the OBA PX first so you can earn Bronco Bucks and directly support the the OBA.

Here's a note from Ron Pickett that should be of interest to anyone associated with VAL-4 or who wants to see the Mighty Bronco in action. I have not yet seen this tape but it sounds like a good one! Thanks for the tip, Ron.

The Black Ponies of VAL-4 have developed a highly professional videotape history of the squadron. It is 73 min in length and includes extensive air and ground coverage, and is available for $30.00 plus $5.00 S&H by contacting me at:

Ron Pickett
5477 Caminito Borde
San Diego, CA 92108

There is a brief shot of a Moroccan OV-10A in the James Bond movie The Living Daylights, in the scene of the escape from a Soviet air base (which was filmed in Morocco.) It's only visible for a few seconds, at best. But fortunately the rest of themovie is pretty good and while you're watching, notice how in the scene where James Bond is fighting on the cargo net behind the plane, the plane magically keeps switching from a C-130 Hercules to a C-123 Provider!! Also notice how the sound of the engines running out of fuel is that of a radial piston engine even though the C-130 is a turboprop (that's always bugged me...)

Previous reports that a Bronco appeared in the film Apocalypse Now were in error. There is an O-2 Skymaster in the combat-zone surfing scene, however. (At least they stayed with twin booms and two engines! J)

That's all for the videos for now. As far as I know, the Bronco has been overlooked by many of the better-known documentarians... Discovery channel's Wings series, etc.

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