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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 05/06/2008 06:55 PM
Updated: 05/10/2010 09:46 PM
The 'Vark Has Arrived!
F-111E Aardvark S/N 68-009 arrives at VMAP on May 5, 2008
By OBA Staff

Please donate to help save this aircraft:
The OV-10 Bronco Association and the Veteran's Memorial Air Park are proud to announce that one of the showpieces of the growing Air Park has arrived... a swing-wing F-111E Aardvark all-weather fighter-bomber (nicknamed "Balls 9" after the USAF serial number of 68-009). The 'Vark was built by General Dynamics in Ft. Worth and has 5,430 flight hours, all with the 77th TFS in England, and includes combat time in Desert Storm. As anyone who has seen an F-111 fly knows, this truly awesome aircraft was the epitome of the advanced Cold War era low-level nuclear attack bomber. Though the VMAP's F-111E is far from ready to display, she will certainly be a real highlight of the park. As you may know, aircraft restoration, even for static display, is quite expensive to do properly (and there's no other way that we'd consider doing it!). Even though she's home, your donations are very much needed to continue the restoration process (an estimated $3,000 is needed for the restoration, on top of the $12,000 it cost to bring her home to the VMAP). We are looking forward to getting the 'Vark fully restored to the graceful state she's intended to be in!

The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram carried an article about the arrival of "Balls 9" that you can read here with a photo gallery here.

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