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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 11/11/2007 12:00 AM
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Meacham Complex Becomes the
Fort Worth Veteran's Memorial Air Park
& 3 New OBA Directors Announced
By Chuck Burin, OBA BOD Chairman
1. The OV-10 Bronco Association Announces New Name for the Meacham Airport Complex:

The OV-10 Bronco Association announces that it will be doing business and operating under the name Fort Worth Veteran's Memorial Air Park. The Air Park will include the aircraft as well as the Forward Air Controllers Museum and the Bronco Ready Room.

There is no structural change to the Bronco Association other than operating the conglomerate of the Air Park, Museum and Bronco Ready Room under the name of the Fort Worth Veteran's Memorial Air Park.

The OBA Board will continue to provide direction, guidance and support for the growing organizations.

The operating name change has been discussed electronically by the board over the past several months and was finalized at the November 24, 2007 board meeting in Fort Worth. The board believes that the name change will better reflect what we, as separate organizations, are trying to accomplish in the way of education and outreach, as well as have a better name recognition to the public.

2. OV-10 Bronco Association Board of Directors Announces New Directors:

The Bronco Association Board of Directors announces the election of Admiral Jim Lair, Jim Hodgson and Terry Tabor to the Board. Adm. Lair comes to the board after a 38-year career in the Marine Corps and Navy. After his retirement from the Navy he worked for Lockheed-Martin and the Flight Learning Center at DFW. He is currently the Federal Security Director for the Transportation Security Agency at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Jim Hodgson is a Captain with Continental airlines flying the Boeing 777, he is also an OBA founder and President of the OBA for the past 4 years. Terry Tabor is a retired USAF pilot and American Airlines pilot. He is currently the head of the Forward Air Controllers Museum steering committee and has previously served as OBA Vice President and Treasurer. All three terms will expire in October 2011.

The board would like to thank outgoing Directors Tom "Scooter" Skutca and Darrell "Doc" Lambert for their years of service to the board. Both will continue their support of the OBA and FACM as well as the newly named Fort Worth Veteran's Air Park.

For the Board of Directors,

Chuck "IGOR" Burin - Chairman

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