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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 06/26/2007 02:11 AM
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OBA Co-Hosts Combined Mega-Event
October 23-27, 2007
By OBA Staff

BroncoFest VIFACtoberfest
PhanCon 2007
Cowtown Warbird Roundup Fly-In

20th FS / 1st GAFTS69th TFTS / 2nd GAFTSVMFA-333

BroncoFest / FACtoberfest / PhanCon /
Cowtown Warbird Roundup /
Squadron Reunions
NOTE: All events subject to change

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd
  • PhanCon registration opens
Wednesday, Oct. 24th - Thursday, Oct. 25th
  • PhanCon activities and tours (FMI contact the Phantom Society)
    • NAS Ft. Worth Joint Reserve Base (Carswell AFB)
    • USMC MAG 41: VMFA-112 & VMGR-234
    • USAF 301FW/457FS & 33AW/181AS
    • Frontiers of Flight Museum
    • ...And more!
Thursday, Oct. 25th
  • Beginning of BroncoFest VI and 20th FS Reunion
  • Early FACtoberfest / BroncoFest registration
  • FAC Museum and OBA Ready Room open all day
  • Possibly a Squadron dinner (planning/cost up to each squadron)
Friday, Oct. 26th
  • FACtoberfest / BroncoFest registration continues
  • FAC Museum and OBA Ready Room open all day
  • 10 AM - 4 PM: Military aircraft arrive at FACM/OBA, Meacham Field for CWR
  • 12 PM - 3 PM: Lockheed briefings and Carswell plant tour (Courtesy of Mike Golas and Doc & Debbie Lambert) Highly recommended... see the F-16 Viper, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II and T-50 Golden Eagle production lines in the same historic facility where B-24s and B-36s were built! NOTE: Due to the required security checks, you MUST register in advance and provide some basic info (Full name and SSN) to take this tour. Don't wait to sign up for it!
  • 7 PM - 11 PM: Oktoberfest Celebration at FACM/OBA
    • Dress: Flight suit / Party suit / FAC casual dress
    • Biers & Brats with an Oompah band
    • All military aircrews will attend with all reunion attendees
  • FAC/OBA Hootch bar open between events and after 10 PM
Saturday, Oct. 27th
  • 9 AM - 4 PM: Cowtown Warbird Roundup "FACtoberfest" fly-in and static display - Civilian warbird arrivals in AM
  • FAC Museum and OBA Ready Room open all day
  • Presentations during the day in the OBA Ready Room
  • 6 PM - 10 PM: FAC Buffet Dinner at Radisson Hotel
    • Casual dress
    • Buffet dinner at the Radisson Hotel
    • All reunion groups will attend
    • Maybe a few SHORT speeches
  • FAC/OBA Hootch bar open between events and after 10 PM
Sunday, Oct. 28th
  • RTB: Depart at your leisure

We will be spending around $300 per crew member while they are at BroncoFest/CWR for room, board, and transportation. If you can help us to cover these costs with a donation in any amount, it would be most helpful and help to make this event a success. Thanks!
I'd like to help to
support a crew member:

The OV-10 Bronco Association, the Forward Air Controllers Museum, and the Vintage Flying Museum have set Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 2007 as the date for the 4th annual Cowtown Warbird Roundup. This year's theme is "FACtoberfest: A Salute to Warriors of the Cold War." The event will be open to the public from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM on both days. All activities will take place at the Vintage Flying Museum, 505 NW 38th Street, Hangar 33s, Meacham Field in Fort Worth.

In addition, the OBA and FAC Museum is proud to join with several other groups to expand our traditional BroncoFest event into a much larger combined extravaganza, featuring more to do than ever before! This year the following events will all be taking place during this busy week:

  • Broncofest VI including FACtoberfest (Thu.-Sat., Oct. 25-27)
  • PhanCon 2007 (Tue.-Thu., Oct. 23-25)
  • Squadron Reunions:
    • 20th Fighter Sqn. "Silver Lobos" / 1st GAFTS (German AF Training Sqn.)
      (Thu.-Sat., Oct. 25-27)
    • 69th Tactical Fighter Training Sqn. / 2nd GAFTS
    • VMFA-333 "Trip Treys"
  • Other groups invited, expected, or who are likely to appear:
    • USMC:
      • VMO-1, VMO-2, VMO-4, VMO-5, VMO-6, VMO-8
    • USAF:
      • 20 TASS, 21 TASS, 22 TASS, 23 TASS, 27 TASS, 704 TASS
      • 20th FS / 1 GAFTS
      • 69 TFTS / 2 GAFTS
    • US Navy:
      • VAL-4 (Black Ponies)
    • USAF Forward Air Controller's Association
    • Pop-A-Smoke (VMO)
    • International Bird Dog Association (IBDA)
    • Commemorative Air Force (CAF)
    • US State Dept. Aviation Wing
    • Cactus Air Force
    • California Dept. of Forestry and Fire (CDF)
    • NAA/Rockwell Employees
    • Garrett AiResearch Employees
    • NASA
    • ???


Contact: Jim "Grump" Hodgson
The OV-10 Bronco Association has had a leading role in the events that have come together. This is the sixth bi-annual BroncoFest, and each one gets bigger and better!
Contact: Terry Tabor
The FAC Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of Forward Air Control and is the lead organization in the creation of the Memorial Air Park.
The VFM facility is the home of the OBA and FACM, and is well known for their flying Pathfinder B-17G named "Chuckie". They also have a great collection of historic and unusual aircraft in their WW2-era hangar, originally built to house B-29s.
Contact: Mike Von Der Haar
The Phantom Society holds an annual reunion (Phantom Convention) of F-4 Phantom II enthusiasts and former crewmembers. PhanCon will be held Tuesday through Thursday (Oct. 23-25) and usually draws 100 to 150 people from around the world, many from Europe. Many folks will stay for FACtoberfest and the weekend activities. The Phantom Society is a sponsor of the QF-4S "Scooby" in the Memorial Air Park at the museum.
Contact: Bernd Hofmeister
The 20th Fighter Squadron was the F-4 GAFTS (German Air Force Training Squadron) based at Holloman AFB. They deactivated a couple of years ago, and this is the first time the former members (both US and German) will hold a reunion Thursday through Saturday (Oct. 25-27). Most are expected to attend both PhanCon and FACtoberfest. Many of the German crewmembers attended multiple RTU's and pilot training in the US and have retired here; they're sometimes known as the Luftwaffe in America.
69th TFTS / 2nd GAFTS
Contact: Charlie Boettcher
Many of the members of this F-104 Starfighter GAF training squadron (formerly based at Luke AFB) were also members of the 20th/2nd squadron, so some will attend PhanCon and others will just be attending FACtoberfest. The strong German influence in our reunion groups has a pleasant "side-effect"... they're providing German bier for the Oktoberfest Celebration on Friday night!
Contact: Errett "Bozo" Bozarth
This Marine F-4 squadron is a sponsor of our QF-4S "Scooby", and will be holding their first squadron reunion in Fort Worth.


NOTE: There have been some minor price adjustments. You will see the correct price info when you click to register for the events (at We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

EVERYONE IS INVITED!! You don't need to be a veteran, pilot, maintainer or have been in the military to enjoy the festivities... everyone interested is welcome to register and participate!

BroncoFest / FACtoberfest Registration:
Registration costs $110 and includes:

  • All events
  • Evening activities
  • Hospitality suite (The Hootch!)
  • Friday and Saturday night dinners
  • Transportation to/from events
  • Transportation from the Radisson to all events is provided
  • Meals for the weekend are on your own, except for Friday and Saturday nights
  • Register online for BroncoFest / FACtoberfest
Phantom Convention Registration:
PhanCon Registration costs $150 and includes:
  • Tours
  • Evening Activities
  • Hospitality room
  • 3 meals
  • Transportation to events
  • PhanCon signups should go directly to the F-4 Phantom II Society: Register online for PhanCon
Of course, all PhanCon attendees are welcomed and encouraged to join us for the rest of the weekend's activities!


BroncoFest / FACtoberfest / CWR / Reunion Hotel:

  • Radisson Hotel - Fort Worth North / Fossil Creek
    • 2540 Meacham Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76106
    • Ask for the Bronco Association rate - $99/single or $109/double per night (+ taxes)
    • Central Reservations: (888) 201-1718
    • Direct to Hotel: (817) 625-9911
  • Use the Super Shuttle from DFW airport to the hotel (we will have a reservation code soon)
PhanCon Hotel / Rental Cars:
  • Holiday Inn Hotel - DFW Airport West
    • Rates - $89/single, $99/double per night (+ taxes)
    • Phone: (817) 267-3181
    • Fax: (817) 267-8091
    • Be sure to mention "F-4 PHANTOM SOCIETY"
    • Free Airport Shuttle
  • Car rentals through Avis Car Rentals:
  • NOTE: Please contact the F-4 Phantom Society for the latest details about PhanCon accommodations


Many of these events will be centered around the OBA Ready Room and/or the FAC Museum, both of which are located at the Vintage Flying Museum facility at Meacham Field. Transportation will be provided between the hotels and the VFM location.

Vintage Flying Museum
Meacham International Airport
505 NW 38th St., Hangar 33S
Fort Worth, TX 76106

If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know!

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