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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 02/02/2005 10:44 PM
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QF-4S 'Scooby' Arrives at Memorial Air Park
Your support is still vital to preserving this and other historic aircraft
By Jim Hodgson

Yesterday was cold and windy here in Fort Worth, but that didn't lesson the excitement of taking delivery of "Scooby", our QF-4S.

Melton Trucking of Tulsa, who donated the ride from California, delivered the first addition to our Veteran's Memorial Air Park yesterday, January 31st. A handful of local OBA, FACM and VFM members helped and watched as the fuselage was picked up from the tailor and placed on pallets next to drop tanks and the horizontal stab. The wing is still in California awaiting the construction of a rack for transport. The son of Terry Tabor, Brad Tabor is doing that construction for us near Palm Springs. Although we still have not secured transportation for the wing, we are hoping to bring that section here within the month.

We now have 120 days to reassemble "Scooby" and get him on display. Sometime soon, we will be asking for your help at a Work-Party. We plan to organize a day to assemble the fuselage and wing and then have a party to celebrate. Hopefully it will be a little warmer than yesterday.

This is the first of what we plan to be 30+ airplanes for the Veteran's Memorial Air Park. This collection will be mostly Vietnam era fixed and rotary wing airplanes that were either FAC aircraft or FAC controlled aircraft. We plan to locate it next to the OBA Ready Room and FAC Museum.

We have already had our first visitor too. A gentleman driving by saw the Phantom on the trailer and immediately stopped by to ask if it was going to be on display at the museum and asked to inspect it. A few minutes later he climbed down from the cockpit all smiles saying he had always wanted to climb around on an F-4.

Although we have been blessed with some good luck in donations to bring "Scooby" to us, we are quickly draining our treasury. Crane and lifting costs are close to $2,000. Travel and lodging for our recovery crew were close to $1,500. Tools and materials are closing in on $3,000 and there are more expenses to come. If you would like to help defray these costs, please contact Terry Tabor at or call (800) 575-0535. Jim Bloomberg, our Aviation Operations Officer has been the project officer on this activity and Jerry Stephan was instrumental in getting "Scooby" a free ride home.

Thanks for your continued support.


Jim Hodgson
OBA President

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Scooby arrives The work crew arrives
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Careful, careful... Jim Bloomberg (L) and Tom Kemp

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