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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 11/10/2004 05:29 PM
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A Prayer for Veteran's Day...
By Mike Whaley

Father God, in these times of worldwide conflict and uncertainty, we thank You for blessing the United States so richly. We acknowledge that as imperfect people living in a fallen world, we have made, and will continue to make, mistakes. Yet we humbly thank You for continuing to provide for our true needs, as well as so many of our wants, and for so often rescuing us from paths of unrighteousness.

Lord, on this Veteran's Day, we especially seek Your protection and Your blessings upon all the men and women who now, and in the past, have chosen for themselves the honorable and difficult task of serving in our nation's military services. We ask for You to grant them safety, support, strength, and wise leadership. We especially ask that You would lead our nation towards the establishment of lasting and righteous peace with all other nations. We ask that You would guide us to only enter into armed conflict as a last resort, walking always in righteousness before You, and constantly seeking the most direct route towards re-establishing the peace.

As we honor the chosen few whom You have called to protect our great country against our enemies, please help every citizen and friend of this great nation to truly understand the magnitude of their honorable service.

    May we never forget that our Veterans aren't outsiders, but are fellow citizens from all walks of life who have given something back to the country they love.

    May we never forget the countless men and women who have given their lives, so that the rest of us could continue living in greater peace and security.

    May we never forget the special needs of the many Vets whose service has taken a toll on their physical or mental health.

    May we never forget the sacrifices of our Veteran's families, whose support reminds our military what they are fighting for.

    May we never forget the service of ALL Veterans -- both the war heroes and rear-echelon file clerks, fighter pilots and foot soldiers, CEOs and the homeless, retired officers and new cadets, those buried with honors and those whose remains were never found.

    May we never forget that no matter how unglamorous their assignment, everyone who served has made a vital contribution to our nation's security.

    May we never forget that even the cowards who dishonor our Vets are free to do so only as a direct result of the heroic sacrifices of those whom they disdain.

    May we never forget the extreme price so many of our Veterans have paid to purchase our freedom from those who would enslave us.

    May we never forget that everyone who has died for our country has a name.

Lord God, may we never forget the amazing blessings that You have bestowed by providing us with such heroic people to watch over us. Thank You for every single one of our Veterans. Please help us to remain worthy of their remarkable service. Amen.

Written by Mike Whaley

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