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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 05/11/2004 11:07 PM
Updated: 10/15/2006 11:20 PM
FAC Museum Scores a Direct Hit
Sponsors to ensure successful start for FACM
By Jim Hodgson

Become a Charter Member of the Forward Air Controller's Museum!

Charter memberships in the FACM are only $20... and you can do it right now through PayPal!

Make a donation to the FAC Museum!

If you'd like to make a donation to the FAC Museum for an amount of your choosing, you can do so quickly and easily via PayPal:


I just returned from a FAC Association reunion in San Antonio. Many of you and other OBA members were in attendance. I had the opportunity to make presentations regarding our FACM concept on several occasions. As a result, the FAC Association agreed to a $1,000 sponsorship. In addition, we received a private sponsorship of another $1,000 and a $500 sponsorship from the NAIL FAC Association. A truck load, literally, of memorabilia was also donated and we gained a few new members.

This, combined with your individual donations and a sponsorship by the International Bird Dog Association will assure that we have a place for a year to move forward with this concept. The next step now will be to sign the lease and form a steering committee.

With these additional funds, our treasury has grown to nearly $5,000. I had the opportunity to speak to many people about the FACM. I heard many ideas and proposals. We have a long way to go, but the initial hurdle has been crossed and we can now move forward. At present we have approximately 45 members, not including people associated with our new sponsors. It will be important that we continue to spread the word so that a broad spectrum of people and time periods are represented during this important planning and conceptualization period.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.

The preservation of our collective heritage just took a big step forward.

Best regards,

Jim Hodgson
President, OV-10 Bronco Association

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