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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 11/28/2003 12:58 PM
URL(s): N/A Updated: 11/11/2004 12:20 AM
Bronco Mockup Restoration Milestone
Restoration project reaches 2,000 hour mark
By Jim Hodgson
Hi folks,

As many of you know, we have been restoring the original factory mockup for over a year now. This week we reached an important milestone. To date, over 2,000 hours of work have been put into the effort. Most of this work has been done by a dedicated group of former Lockheed employees along with OBA members Jack Thompson and Tom Kemp. Many other folks have also lent a hand here and there. Last June I happened to meet Bob Parcell while my son was taking flight lessons. Well, one thing lead to another and before long Bob is working with us to do the painting portion of the restoration. Well, this today I got a chance to see his work. Bob has worked diligently to continue work on the cockpit, replace all the glass and paint the fuselage.

The pictures you see below is the result of the collective efforts of our restoration work. It is exciting to see how far we have come. We aren't finished but this is a great accomplishment and I wanted you all to see what has been completed. A lot of people have done a lot to get us this far. That started with all of you who took a leap of faith with "those Bronco guys in Texas." Thanks to each and every one of you for your faith, support and efforts. It may never get off the ground, but it is making a lot of us fly just a little.

Best regards,

Jim "Grump" Hodgson
President, OBA

OV-10 Mockup Fuselage, November 2003

OV-10 Mockup Cockpit, December 2000 OV-10 Mockup Cockpit, November 2003
Mockup cockpit when acquired by OBA
(December 2000)
Mockup cockpit restoration
(November 2003)

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