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Category: News - Features (Archived) Created: 09/09/2003 11:40 PM
URL(s): N/A Updated: 09/15/2003 08:15 PM
National Air Tour to visit Meacham Field
Rare planes visiting Sept. 14-15
By Jim Hodgson
There is a special event coming to Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas on September 14th and 15th - the National Air Tour. It was about noon on Thursday, July 5, 1928 when the National Air Tour first arrived at Meacham, and seventy-five years later, it's back! As part of the Centennial of Flight celebrations this year, a group of 25 vintage aircraft are recreating the original National Air Tour of 1925-1931. Meacham Field in Fort Worth was one of those original stops. This will be a great opportunity to see some very rare airplanes. You can find full details at the National Air Tour website

The impressive list of aircraft participating in the tour include: Sikorsky S-38, Sikorsky S-39-C, Ford 5-AT-5-CS, Stinson Tri-motor, Bushmaster 2000 Tri-motor, Fairchild FC-2W2, New Standard (2), Alexander Eaglerock Longwing, WACO UEC, WACO ASO (2), Travel Air 1928 (2), Stearman, Great Lakes, Stinson SM-8A, Fokker Super Universal, Ryan M-1, Travel Air 6000, Curtiss Robin J-1, Travel Air E-4000, Stearman 4E Speedmail, DC-3 (FAA), Bird CK, Bell 47, Buhl Sport Airsedan, Bellanca Skyrocket, Aviat Husky (2)

While you are at Meacham, stop by the Vintage Flying Museum, the big yellow hangar at the south end of the field, and check out the new Bronco Readyroom and FAC Museum!

PS - Don't forget, there will be another very rare opportunity in October, Broncofest 4. You don't have to pre register to attend, you can pay at the door, but hotel space is becoming very limited.

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