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Moroccan Broncos
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Morocco acquired six ex-USMC A-model airframes that were delivered in 1981 after being refurbished by Rockwell in Columbus. It was originally intended that Morocco would get 24 aircraft but political problems lead to the delivery of only 6. It appears that these airplanes never saw a great amount of service and there has been some speculation in recent years of these airplanes ending up elsewhere.

OBA member T.C. Antonsen provided this information in June 2001 (T.C. was part of the original Marine detachment that trained Morocco to use and fly their OV-10s):

The 6 OV-10A were given to the Moroccan Air Force in 1981. In January 1981 fifteen Marines made up of personnel from VMO-1 and VMO-2 formed a mobile training team called MTT-1-81 to train the Moroccan Air Force how to maintain and fly the OV-10 aircraft. This was the first time Marines had ever been used for this purpose. They spent six month in Morocco at the Kenitra Air Base providing training.

The first two aircraft flew over in February of 1981. Their route took them from Columbus, Ohio up the east coast of the U.S. and Canada over to Greenland, Iceland and then down the west coast of Europe and into Morocco. Two more followed in March and April.

The aircraft were to be used in the civil war being waged in the south by the Polisariso insurgents. During the operation of the aircraft one crashed and was destroyed, and another made a wheels up landing but was scrapped as repair was not within their capability. With the end of the war the aircraft were used for border and coast patrol, flying out of the Kenitra Air Base. In June of 1991 the OV-10A made their last flight to Meknes air base where they were put into storage.

The aircraft were last seen in April 2001. They were considered to be in very good shape, although there were minor things needing repair (stemming from the fact that they had been sitting for an extended period of time.)

Possibly the most famous role of Morocco's OV-10s was a very brief shot of one of them in the James Bond movie The Living Daylights, in the scene where they escape from the Soviet camp (in the movie it was supposed to be in Afghanistan) with the help of the Mujahadeen. In reality of course the scene was filmed on an air base in Morocco. The Bronco had been painted black and had a "Soviet Red Star" applied to the tail. (Whether the airplane was black while in actual service or if it was just painted that way for the movie is unknown.) While you're watching, you may also notice how in the scene where James Bond is fighting on the cargo net behind the plane, the plane magically keeps switching between a C-130 Hercules and a C-123 Provider!! Also notice how the sound of the engines running out of fuel is that of a radial piston engine even though the C-130 is a turboprop (that's always bugged me...)

We would appreciate any more information or pictures on Morocco's Broncos, either historical info or concerning their current status.

Moroccan OV-10A BuNo 155404 - 1981
ID: 5 GROUP: None
PIC 1 (No Description) W=603  H=429   143KB
PIC 2 None
PIC 3 None
A/C 1 OV-10A BuNo 155404
A/C 2 N/A  
A/C 3 N/A  
A/C 4 N/A  
SENT BY Chuck Burin PHOTO BY Rockwell Corp.
POSTED May 26, 1998
Chuck Burin sent this picture of OV-10A BuNo 155404 during a Rockwell flight test just prior to transfer to Morocco in 1981. It's in Moroccan markings, no less... I wonder if this is the one you can see in The Living Daylights? Note - this makes a good wallpaper for your computer.


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