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"Then and Now"

OV-10 Bronco BuNo 155483 in 1975 and 1992


Hawk / Italeri / Testors

Title / Subject:

OV-10A Bronco



Stock Number:

Hawk: 567, Italeri: 807, Testors: 506


I had always wanted to build a set of models representing a single airframe from different times in its life. I always figured I would do this with an F-4, but when I started these OV-10 projects, it became obvious that I should do it with the OV-10s. To that end, I built a single OV-10 airframe (BuNo 155483) as it appeared at two different times in its life.

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OV-10A Bronco - 1975

OV-10D Bronco - 1992


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