USAF Series OV-10A Aircraft
Abbreviated Checklists

As at 15 June 1969

These documents are a sample of the Vietnam era OV-10A Abbreviated Flight Crew Checklists (USAF document T.O. 1L-10A-1CL-1).

Typically these documents were carried in a spiral bound book of plastic protective envelopes. Pages in these binders could be updated individually and sorted as required - the source booklet contained the Normal Procedures Checklist, Emergency Procedures Checklist, Performance Data tables and the Nonnuclear Munitions Delivery Checklist.

These documents were scanned from hardcopy and processed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.  They may still contain recognition errors and additional introduced errors.  Additionally, these checklists are out of date - they are not suitable for in-flight use!

Item Coding:
Checklist steps annotated with (O) are performed by the Observer (back seat).  Steps annotated (P, O) are performed by both Pilot and Observer (if carried).  Uncoded steps are performed by the Pilot.

The OV-10 Bronco Association sincerely thanks Brendan Searle for all of his work in scanning and HTMLizing these manuals!

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