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OV-10Bronco.Net is the Internet home of the Mighty OV-10 Bronco. This site is intended to conglomerate (or is it congeal?) pictures, stories, technical data, and other information related to this fine aircraft in one place - both those published on the World Wide Web (with permission) and those taken by contributors and published exclusively on this site. This site is NOT intended to plagiarize any site. We make every attempt to get the proper permission and provide appropriate links and full credit for all material used. The intent is to provide useful information and make it easy to jump to the originating source for more information if desired.

Using This Site

With most browsers, it's easy to copy a picture to your computer either by right-clicking on top of it and selecting the Save As function, or you can click on the picture and go to the File / Save As menu. I know that many filenames are pretty long, however I have found that people get really frustrated trying to sort things out when faced with a disk full of pictures titled along the lines of qxfz86s_7618-1.jpg and almost all computers can handle long filenames nowadays with no real problems.

Contributing to OV-10Bronco.Net

We always welcome submissions, and fully credit whatever is used. Here is what the perfect submission will be like - sometimes this isn't all possible I know, but please try as best you can... this makes life much easier on your poor volunteer webmaster and helps him (me) keep some semblance of sanity while updating the site. A good submission fits these criteria:

  • It will be in a standard format, or an Abode PhotoShop 3.0 file (GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, XBM, PCX, TIF, or PSD file)
  • It will be an original picture, not a scanned picture from a book (I try not to anger publishers who have the money to sue me for copyright infringement...) I may consider these and would like to see them, but if you send these types of submissions, I need to know the book title, author, publisher, and hopefully it's Library of Congress number as well.
  • It will have as much descriptive info as possible - details, people, we want details! BuNos, locations, dates, etc... the more the better.
  • It will have a working email address and/or a web link included, so I can refer readers to your email / webpage.

Since there's only one of me having to do all this in my spare time, many things won't show up immediately. Some may. It's largely arbitrary at times, a quick and complete submission may get posted faster than a long involved one that requires more work from me, it all depends on what's going on. I have been many months behind at times, so please be patient. I haven't lost anything, I just need more free time!

What? We aren't perfect!?!?!!!

We have made every attempt to make these pages as complete, accurate, and properly credited as humanly possible. Obviously it's difficult for one or even a few people (even those as stupendously and incredibly amazing as yours truly) to keep up with all the links or to double-check every single piece of information that comes in. If you find any errors, outdated links, non-credited or mis-credited information, sources of Bronco rides <G> or anything else useful to share, please contact us at I hope you enjoy perusing these archives as much as I have enjoyed creating them! :-)

Mike Whaley
Your friendly neighborhood Webmaster

Ooh, look everybody!
That groggy, disconnected feeling of medicine head...
"Who is that Merlin guy, anyway?"

Meet the webmaster, Mike "Merlin" Whaley...

Well since you're going to be reading things on this big old site I have, you might actually wonder: what kind of madman wants to actually spend so much time doing such a thing? Well, let me tell you a bit about myself.


And by the way, I hate to disappoint anyone, but contrary to this patch that Benjie dredged up from his collection, I'm not the Major Whaley that was in one of the VMO units, in fact I've never been in the military at all, nor have I flown or worked on OV-10s. At least, not yet!! :)

I got really interested in OV-10s when I was designing an electric radio-controlled scale model of it. While researching it on the Internet in early 1997, I couldn't find very many pictures of this unique aircraft, and the few that I did find ended up getting posted on my personal web site... and since I had such a hard time finding them, I thought I might be able to spare others the same troubles. Well, ever since it's been a snowball effect... I've gotten a lot of great response from you, the general propeller-headed public... we've gone from a few hits a month to hundreds a week! So, I finally bit the bullet in the first part of February 1998, registering the domain and bringing it up into a real site instead of a single page. About the same time I became involved with the fledgeling OV-10 Bronco Association and so the site has taken on a kind of split personality as both the OV-10 site and the OBA's home as well. I haven't regretted this, as it has been a lot of fun to hear from all the people out there and even more fun to be associated with such a fine bunch of folks as are in the OBA.

The Geekmobile!!
There is an Imperial Battle Cruiser hanging from the mirror and I am installing ejection seats soon.

Of course, the more response the site gets, the more complete it will become. Pictures, stories, ideas, large sums of money, whatever you think is of interest. I can work with you if you don't have all the facilities to do much picture or text editing, the raw content is what is most needed! Also, if you have any suggestions on how this site will work better for you, again let me know... I do this for a living and what seems obvious to me may not be so obvious to the majority of the users of the site. Just email me, Mike "Merlin" Whaley, your fearless webmaster and Mighty Bronco fan du jour, at . Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I'd also kind of like to think that a few of you might actually check out my personal web pages (recently moved from over thar to over hea...) Not going to force you, but if you don't then you'll never know if you missed something really good... I actually am into things besides OV-10s, believe it or not! J

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