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To enable the Bronco community to keep in touch, the OBA operates powerful and versatile mailing lists. The basic purpose of these lists is similar to a list server, whereby list members can post messages that go out to all other members. However, we have many other useful functions available to us as well that traditional mailing lists don't match:

There is the option to monitor who may join the list, or even moderate what's posted if that was to be desired. (The lists are unmoderated at this time, moderation is primarily useful to limit wasted bandwidth or abuse on high-traffic lists.) While not all features are necessarily actively in use at any given time, they are all available for use as needed or desired.

These lists are hosted on Yahoo! Groups (formerly and we have found the service to be very reliable and useful. One benefit we all appreciate is the anti-spam feature. When you sign up, part of your email address is replaced by blanks when it appears on the website so that email-collection programs cannot automatically collect your email address. While you can often guess the correct character to use to convert it back into the right address, this is not something that would be of much practical use to a mass-mailer. We hate spam and have seen no problems at all stemming from being subscribed to these lists, even after much use.

The only tradeoff for all this is that eGroups automatically inserts about three lines at the top of each message comprising a link to one of their sponsors. This is usually fairly unobtrusive and should not cause any problems for anyone.

We currently maintain five regular lists. Go to the associated URL to sign up and access the list's features.

Click A Button To Subscribe:
Click to subscribe to the OV-10 Fans email group
OV-10 Fans
  Click to subscribe to the OBA Members email group
OBA Members
  Click to subscribe to the GWOBA email group
  Click to subscribe to the OV-10 Metroplex email group
OV-10 Metroplex

From time to time we may create special lists for smaller groups of people - for example, people that have indicated they are going to attend the next Bronco Fest. This provides a quick way to disseminate information to people who have indicated an interest in attending, and it also allows people toarrange travel plans with each other, etc.


Before you sign up for this (or any) e-mail list, please take a few moments to review these rules of list etiquette. It's all just pretty common-sense stuff, but it is important that everybody follows these simple guidelines for the enjoyment of all.

Please keep traffic on the list related to the purpose of the list. Threads tend to eventually drift way off the subject of OV-10s and related things. That's fine and enjoyable, but please take it to private email once the discussion drifts away from something of interest to all (or at least more than two or three people.)

When you reply to a post, please be careful to reply back to only the person who posted it, unless the reply is of interest to all of the list members too. Especially for criticisms, personal issues, and non-OV stuff... forgetting this one needlessly clutters up mailboxes and can embarrass yourself and others! Different email clients handle replying differently, but clicking your "Reply to all" button will usually put both the list's and the original poster's addresses in the "To" box of your reply message. Then just delete the address for the list, leave the other one, and you're set.

TYPING IN UPPER-CASE LETTERS ALL THE TIME IS THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF SCREAMING AT SOMEONE. IT IS ALSO TIRING ON THE EYES TO READ MESSAGES IN ALL UPPER-CASE LETTERS. however it is generally accepted to be lazy in emails and not worry too much about capitalization for the most part. therefore typing in all lower-case is usually fine and dandy. nobody is likely to care. they'll just be glad you've stopped SCREAMING! :)

We all screw up, sooner or later. There will always be newbies that just don't know this stuff yet, and if you're afflicted with that condition called being human then you're gonna say something you probably shouldn't have, sooner or later. Just like in any other form of communication, not letting little things get to you goes a long way towards making it all work out well for everyone. If you see someone doing something "wrong" on the list, why not take a moment to email them privately and let them know, I bet they'll appreciate it. It will only take a minute and you'll be helping to make the list into something of more value to all.

If you reply to something, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE delete the text of the original posting from your reply!!!! It's a waste of time, mailbox space, bandwidth, and reading effort to get a 50-line reply to a post that consists of two lines of new info, 8 lines of headers, and 40 lines of the original post they're replying to (with all the stuff THEY didn't delete either.) If you are replying to a small part of a post, just leave the line or two that your reply pertains to for clarification purposes, and delete the irrelevant parts.


6. HAVE FUN!!!
That's what it's all ultimately all about. Have fun, enjoy the list, make new friends here, talk about Broncos, tell war stories, ask questions, don't worry, be happy! :)

Please contact Merlin or Grump if you have any questions about using or posting to any of the lists. We're here to help, so don't hesitate to ask!

OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc.
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 161966
Fort Worth, TX 76161
      Physical Location:
(Don't send mail here)
3300 Ross Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: (800) 575-0535

President:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
  Board of Directors:
    Chairman: Chuck "Igor" Burin
Jim "Boomer" Bloomberg
Mel "Doctor" Clouser
Gordy "Bear" Evans
    Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Tom Kemp
Jim Lair
Jack Thompson
Vice President:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Executive Director:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Treasurer:   Tom Kemp
Secretary:   Debbi Lambert

Colombian Wing OBA
Jorge Gutierrez
President, CWOBA
German Wing OBA
Tony De Bruyn
Commander, GWOBA
P.O. Box 70
Zavenetem 1
B-1930 Zavenetem
Phone: + 32 2 758 02 60
Fax: + 32 2 758 02 70
Philippine Wing OBA
Capt. Silvestre U. Glinoga, Jr.
Commander, PWOBA
16th Attack Squadron
Sangley Air Base
Cavite City, Philippines 4101
Phone: (006346) 431-1492
Venezuelan Wing OBA
(Info coming soon)

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