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May 11, 2000
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Category: Updates - OBA Created: 05/11/2000 12:00 AM
Related Website: N/A Updated: 11/28/2001 06:16 PM
OBA Update - May 11, 2000

SUMMARY:  New members ('200 in 2000'), Board of Directors meeting, reenlistment successes, big changes coming, upcoming events for AFA, MVHA, and VAL-4, 152882 tailboom plans, Bronco Fest III dates, OBA birthday party coming up, moved to larger offices, archive curator needed!

Hi folks,

Before I get to the news and report of the recent BOD meeting, let me welcome some new members.

New Members:

Please Welcome Aboard the following new members:

Jerry Gaida ( is a former 23 TASS member. You might have seen the photos he recently sent around showing tree damage to an OV. Great stuff and he says he has more.

George Boehmer, Covey 548 ( is a former 20th TASS member and has enlisted for 3 years. He was lead FAC for Operation Tailwind and served 12 months in "Prairie Fire."

Jon Goldenbaum, Nail 23 ( is a former member of the 23rd TASS. He found us while visiting the museum.

Joseph Garand ( is a retired MSgt from the Air Force and is our first member from Maine. He enlisted for 3 years.

Wayne Laska ( is a former engine mech. from VMO-2 and 6. He was discharged in 1978 and lives in Las Vegas.

Justin Ambrozia ( is a former Marine now living in Scranton, PA.

Terry Chissoe is a former engine mech. with VAL-4 and VS-41. He also spent some time in Da Nang at H&MS-11, MAG-11. He lives in Florida.

John Voneida also signed up for a year but we don't have much info on him yet.

Robert Simpson, Nail 34 ( was a former member of the 23rd TASS. He flew combat missions in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. He retired from the Air Force in 1992.

Welcome Aboard all! With the inclusion of these fine folks, our membership is now up to 132 and I know we have more enlistments coming in.

Board Of Directors Meeting

Now down to business.

On April 20th we held an open BOD meeting at the Vintage Flying Museum conference room. The first subject discussed was my recent trip to Venezuela to attend the First International Symposium of Special Air Operations. I won't recount that here, as you can find my report and pictures posted on this site.

We then discussed our membership status and progress toward "200 in 2000." Our membership stands at 132 and I know there are more enlistments on the way. Igor and Ron will be representing us at the Marine Corps Vietnam Helicopter Association reunion in August and we will be attending the FAC memorial dedication and reunion in Florida in September. With both of those events and some other recruiting ideas we have, we are confident we can achieve over 200 this year.

The reenlistment phases of our membership efforts were begun a couple months ago. So far we have an 80% reenlistment rate and 65% of those are signing on for 3 years. All in all, the trend is steady and upward. I have put a new membership list on the eGroups site at so please visit and download the latest. You will find a new OBA Fact Sheet there as well.

Recent reenlistments include: Gordy "Bear" Evans, Bob Gustafson, Patrick "Bunker" Hill, David Himes, Mike "Cowpoke 13" McCollum, Charlie "Nail 40" Mutka, Eric "Benjie" Raymond, Mark Robin, Larry Schulte, Bill "Rustic 12" Sleigh, Gordon "Gordo" Squires, Harold "Alex" Wienbaum, Dick "Rustic 11" Wood, Tom Yeoman and most recently Heath "Heater" Thomas. Thanks gents, we appreciate your continuing support.

There are also plans in work that could have a dramatic effect on membership. It is too early to talk about yet but it will make OBA even that more special.

We talked briefly about the FAC event in Fort Walton Beach. Approximately 20 OBA members plan to attend either with OBA or another unit. We plan to host a hospitality suite in the main hotel. If any of you are able and willing to man the suite please let me know. The event is scheduled for September 21-24.

As mentioned earlier the Marine Vietnam Helicopter Association reunion will be held 23-27 August 2000 in San Diego. You might remember that two years ago the MVHA meeting was the site of our initial public appearance and the enlistment of some of our first members. We look forward to renewing old acquaintances and another good recruiting effort there.

As you may be aware, the Black Ponies will gather here in the DFW Metroplex in April of 2002. Through Tim Sikorski, we have offered to assist them in any way we can with their planning efforts. We look forward to their reunion here and a visit to the museum as part of their events.

We next discussed plans to hang the tail boom from BuNo. 152882 inside the VFM hanger. Jim Bloomberg is in charge of this project. We hope to have that completed in time for our 2nd Birthday Party in July. This display wouldn't be possible without the efforts of Lifers Jim Dearborn and Gordy Evans. Thanks "Scavenger" and "Bear," you both live up to your names.

Our next item of business was Bronco Fest. It was unanimously agreed that we will host Bronco Fest III on the weekend of October 5-7, 2001. Jim Bloomberg will be the Coordinator and he has already started gathering information and going over the after action report of BF II. This will be a three-day event and is already looking bigger and better. More news as the plan develops, but for now mark your calendar. Because the event will coincide with the Alliance Airshow, the date could move back a week. Alliance is planning to host either the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds in 2001.

The next local event will be the 2nd anniversary of the formation of OBA. Our official birthday is July 10th, our incorporation date. Plan for some type of burger and hot dog event at the museum on either Saturday the 8th or Sunday the 9th of July.

After the meeting adjourned, the real fun started. We moved to a new location inside VFM. We have quickly outgrown our space at VFM and needed more room. Ron negotiated a new lease for a room twice as large as what we had. We have doubled our display area. We now have more room to show off the world's largest display of OV-10 art, in addition to patches, replicas, artifacts, helmets, etc. We still have more stuff than we can display and had to remodel the archive area as we moved. We desperately need someone to act as curator. Any volunteers? No experience necessary, will train to suit. Special thanks to our student member Joe Copalman in Phoenix for his time and talents in the move. Members of the Vintage Flying Museum, Tim Sikorski, Tom Kemp, Jim Bloomberg, Ron and myself, also assisted us. There is still plenty of work to be done, but we have a little more elbow room now for our growing collection.

This doesn't mean we have everything we want. If you have pictures, plaques, patches, flight equipment, maps, videos, anything gathering dust, we will take it and give you a tax deductible donation receipt. Contact me for details.

Well, I've gone on long enough but wanted to be sure and get out the latest news to you.

Best regards,

Jim "Grump" Hodgson
OV-10 Bronco Association
505 NW 38th Street
Hangar 33s
Fort Worth, TX 76106
(800) 575-0535

If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know!

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