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January 29, 2000
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Category: Updates - OBA Created: 01/29/2000 12:00 AM
Related Website: N/A Updated: 11/28/2001 04:10 AM
OBA Update - January 29, 2000

SUMMARY:  New members, still need Email Buddies, Bronco Fest plans, Tom Kemp joins BOD, recruiting, monthly meeting plans, OVs acquired by AF FAC Assn. and Mike Richardson, OBA PX online, members listing online.


In Ron's absence I thought I would give you all a post holiday update.

First things first. New members. With the addition of the following folks, our membership has grown to 112.

Bob "Junkman" Carlson,, comes to us from VMO-1 and 2. Bob is most well known for giving the order to "Surround the O'Club!" to the Yuma MP's. You ask him.

George Gehrkens was former VP of Engineering for NAA way back when. George is unwired and needs a "buddy" to send him copies of these updates. If you'd like to help him out, let me know.

David Jackson,, is a civilian from Anderson, IN. He doesn't have an OV background, he just likes them and we are glad to have him aboard.

Chris Koening. Konehaed is a former member of VMO-1and lives in Valparaiso, IN. He's unwired and needs a "buddy" also.

Earl Mayfield,, comes to us from the Air Force. His son thought a membership would make a great Christmas gift and we agree. Earl lives in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Dennis Murphy,, is a former member of VMO-1,2,6. Murph is a resident of Woodbridge, VA.

Lance Paston,, comes to us from National City, CA by way of VMO-2. Lance joined up at Bronco Fest '99.

Bob Peetz,, is a former VAL-4 member. Bob is best known as the Webmaster and glue of the VAL-4 web site ( Bob has been doing this stuff since long before we got started. He deserves our thanks for his efforts and we are proud to have him as a member. Wind and Seas, Bob.

Gordy Evans, - Bear isn't new, but he had such a great time at Bronco Fest, he decided to become a LIFER. Thanks Bear, I appreciate the confidence and support. [Bear is the only guy I've ever met that knows how to grow SQUARE tomatoes... because they fit better on your sandwich... it's good to have such diverse talents in the group! :) -Merlin]

These are the latest members of the pack. Please all join me in saying Welcome Aboard!

One more administrative item. A couple of updates ago I asked for "buddies" to pass along these updates to unwired members. We still have a few folks not getting the word. It would be a great help to me if any of you would take on one of the following to send copies of emails to. No big deal, just print, put it in an envelope and mail it. Pick somebody out and I will send you their snail mail. I hate to think of all they are missing. Our email challenged friends are: Mike Brown, Jeff Clements, Luis Espinosa, George Gehrkens, David Himes, Ray Janes, Chris Koening, TL Martin, John Reimler, Benny Rhinehart, Emmerson Smith and Bruce Vath.

Board of Director's Notes:

At our last BOD meeting, among other things, we discussed the aftermath, I mean after action report from Bronco Fest. From a financial standpoint, we broke even on the event. Made a little money on the PX, had a great time, got lots of good ideas and feedback for future gatherings and made new friends and got reacquainted with old ones. We also signed up 13 new members as a result of BF99. It was a success by all measures, but it did take a toll. As you are all well aware, headquarters is manned by a pretty small group and Bronco Fest was a major undertaking. As a result, a number of things slid or were canceled. I am just now getting reenlistment forms out to members. As a result the Board has decided that Bronco Fest will be held here in Dallas, every other year. The next will be in 2001, date TBA. However, we feel opportunities will arise to take our show on the road. So, if we are invited to events such as the Black Pony reunion or the FAC Association or another groups festivities, we will plan to attend those away games and bring a "Mini Bronco Fest" along; hospitality room, PX and the like. We don't want to overshadow anybody else's festivities, just join in to celebrate our heritage with comrades and let folks from other parts of the country get to join us. More on this later.

We also elected a new member to the Board of Directors, he is Tom Kemp, past Air Force Association President. Tom is a former Nail and has already been very active with some of our efforts. He will be a great addition and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He joins Ron Fix, Tim Sikorski, Chuck Burin and myself. Thanks for stepping up Tom, we look forward to growing with you.

We all agreed that we have to keep up our recruiting efforts, and a number of proposals were presented. Remember, although we have 112 members, we have a goal of 200 by the end of 2000. One initiative is to present a monthly OBA meeting here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The meetings will be on Saturdays at headquarters, and will be working meetings to continue to improve the museum displays and collection and indoctrinate prospective new members. There are over 60 former OV-10 community folks identified in the local area.

Many other topics were covered, including some steps recently taken to ensure some long term financial stability, but most of them were administrative in nature.

Preservation Notes:

Now the story can be told. Since early last July, members of the Association have been attempting to acquire one of the last flyable Air Force OV-10A's left. We became aware that an aircraft located at Kelly AFB was being prepared to be declared excess. OBA members visited Kelly to inspect the aircraft and learn more about its status and availability. We visited the Inter American Air Force Academy and GSA's Foreign Military Sales branch. We spoke with and wrote letters to numerous people in a effort to acquire this aircraft for OBA as an "All Services Memorial to Steve Bennett." Try as we might, the Air Force Museum refused to release the aircraft citing a moratorium on "turbine powered aircraft." But, we didn't stop there. We enlisted the assistance of local members of Congress to intercede with the Air Force. We pushed and pushed until the Air Force finally informed us that the aircraft was being transferred to an AFB for use as a memorial. We knew the Air Force FAC Association had been trying to acquire an aircraft for a memorial for years, so we contacted an OBA member and unofficial FAC Association liaison, Bill Sleigh, to see what he could find out. After some detective work over the Christmas holidays, Bill informed us that the same aircraft we had been pursuing all those months, was in fact being transferred to Hurlburt for the FAC Memorial and that they had just been informed of that decision by the Air Force Museum. We immediately ceased our efforts to acquire that aircraft in deference to our FAC comrades. After all, an OV saved is and OV earned, and preservation is our end goal. This was a bitter sweet end to our efforts, but the aircraft will be well taken care of and become part of the FAC memorial taking its place alongside an O-1 and O-2, in a memorial dedicated to Air Force FACs.

I think you will find part of a recent email from Bill of interest.

"...let me tell you what I know re: OV-10 #626. The airplane did arrive 16 Jan 00 at Hurlburt. The appreciation (which believe me is indescribable) for its arrival was easily seen. #626 had a police escort (I counted 4) with lights flashing for the last 40 miles, sirens went on to announce its arrival at the base entrance. The flat beds then parked near the future location of 626 in the Airpark for informal reception. The welcoming committee -- Wing Commander, FACs, active duty -- video taped, took photos of the entire event even intercepting the convoy several miles from the gate. I will forward copies of mine to the OBA. The future... As Bob Dorr points out, this airplane remains property of the AF. It is #626 and will remain so. Its history is being compiled. We have been told it will be restored to its original AF color, which should be light gray. Forecast is that it will be reassembled and placed in the Airpark very quickly. The AF (and we have permission do so also) will be documenting the reassembly via photo and video. It is our hope that this summer a formal memorial dedicated to AF FACs will be constructed in the Airpark incorporating a monument surrounded by all 3 AF FAC aircraft -- an O-1 and O-2 are already in their places of honor -- #626 is the last missing piece."

At present, the FAC Association is planning a memorial dedication September 21-24, 2000 in Fort Walton Beach, FL. It is being organized along the lines of invited squadron organizations. The OBA has been invited to attend as a "squadron." This is one of those opportunities I mentioned earlier for us to go on the road with a "mini Fest" to join in another groups festivities. We will have more details on this later, but mark your calendars now.

Much of the aircraft acquisition efforts have been going on behind the scenes. A little later in the month, we were disappointed again. We knew of the existence of two OV-10's in Indiana. They were privately owned. One was one of the original NAA drop test items and the other was an aircraft heavily damaged by a hurricane in Florida some time ago. The owner knew that OBA had an interest in the aircraft but no formal proposal had been brought forward. As we were preparing to make an offer on the two items, were informed that the airframes had been sold to former OBA President, Mike Richardson. We understand he plans to bring them to Texas, but were are unaware of his plans. But again, an OV saved is an OV earned.

Our efforts continue to acquire our own aircraft.

This is getting a little long so I will close. If your membership has recently expired or soon will, don't despair, your reenlistment papers are probably already in the mail. Another final note. Merlin has opened the store front for our own PX, check it out at We will be adding items as they become available, or as we have time to put them on the air. Remember, as an OBA member you receive free shipping with your order.

Benjie continues to dig up more and more former OV-10 community members and has increased our list of known individuals to over 3,000. Check out his work at Nice job Benjie.

Your copy of the "Bronco Flyer" should be in arriving soon, watch for it.

Thanks again for your support, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

Best regards,

Jim "Grump" Hodgson
OV-10 Bronco Association

If you have any additions or corrections to this item, please let us know!

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