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In July 2001, the OV-10 Bronco Association completed the purchase of the original factory mockup of the OV-10. Read the final update on the Bronco Roundup.

Original OV-10 Mockup

In December 2000, the OV-10 Bronco Association acquired the original full-size factory mockup of the OV-10. This was the first OV-10, even if it wasn't built to fly. It's not cheap acquisition ($25,000) and we only had 6 months to raise the money to purchase, disassemble, and transport it, with the balance being for restoring it to new condition. By June 2001, we raised enough that we could finalize the purchase, leaving only the problem of transporting it from California to our Ft. Worth museum. While we own it now, we still need funds to move and restore it... please consider donating!

We will periodically be reporting on the progress so far via this page and through various email lists like OV-10Fans and FACNET.

Here is the history of the fundraising effort. We thank everyone who helped make this project come to fruition!

Dec. 19, 2000 (Start) $ 0 0%
Jan. 4, 2001 $ 6,000 24%
Jan. 9, 2001 $ 7,000 28%
Jan. 17, 2001 $ 9,000 36%
Jan. 21, 2001 $ 10,000 40%
Mar. 4, 2001 $ 12,000 48%
Apr. 16, 2001 $ 14,000 56%
May 5, 2001 $ 15,000 60%
May 26, 2001 $ 16,000 64%
August 5, 2001 $ 21,000 84%
Average donation amount $ 220
Per-member donation index** $ 20

** Every OBA member would have to give this amount to meet the goal right now (started out at $125)

12/19  01/04  01/09  01/17  01/21  03/04  04/16  05/05  05/26  08/05 

A special thank you to the following people who committed funds or pledges. Their support, as well as yours, is vital to the success of this "Bronco Roundup" Historical Aircraft Preservation Fund. Please join us in bringing this Bronco back home and restore it for public display. Even if you can only spare a few dollars, that will still help us to restore it - and you'll have a part in preserving history!

Group/Corporate Donors:
  The USN VAL-4 Black Pony Association ($500)
Individual Donors:
  Cliff Acree (USMC VMO-2)
Ed Alexander (USN)
Henry Bader (Civilian)
Seth Bailin (Civilian)
Kurt Barto (USMC VMO-1)
Dr. Melvin Biggs (USN VAL-4)
Knox Bishop (USAF)
Jim Bloomberg (USAF)
George Boehmer
Robert Breen (USAF VMO-2,4)
Chuck Burin (USMC VMO-2)
Jim Carlton (USAF 20,23 TASS)
Jim Dearborn (USMC NOGS,VMO-2,4)
Peter De Lisa (Civilian)
John Dowell (VMO-2)
Gordy Evans (USMC VMO-2)
Robert Fielding (USAF 507 TASS)
Ron Fix (USMC VMO-2)
Frank Furr (USAF 20 TASS)
John Gibbs (USAF 23 TASS)
Garry Goff (USAF 27,704 TASS)
Jack Goodman (USAF 20,23 TASS)
Don Haller (USAF 20,23 TASS)
John Hefty (USMC VMO-2)
Ned Helm (USAF 19,20,23 TASS)
David Himes
Mary Anne Harrison (Civilian)
Jim Hodgson (USMC VMO-2)
Larry Hone (USN VAL-4)
David Jackson (Civilian)
Ray Janes (USAF 19,23 TASS)
Hank Keese (USAF)
Tom Kemp (USAF 23 TASS)
RAdm Verle Klein (USN VAL-4)
Debbie Lambert (USAF)
Dan Lamontagne
John Lee (USAF 20 TASS)
Ralph Lippe (USMC VMO-2)
George Lodge (USAF)
Warren McGowan (NAA)
Claude Newland (USAF)
Jack Norton (USMC VMO-2)
Eric Raymond (USMC VMO-2)
Mark Robin (USAF 27 TASS)
Jon Robson
Larry Schulte (USMC VMO-2)
M.S. Schuman (USN VAL-4)
Ken Semmler (RAAF)
Ashby Shoop (USMC VMO-6)
Tim Sikorski (USN VAL-4)
Stewart Sir Louis (USMC VMO-4)
Bill Sleigh (USAF 19 TASS)
Bob Smith (USMC VMO-2)
Gordy Squires (USMC VMO-4)
Dave Stockley (USN VAL-4)
Wayne Svenson
Randy Thurman (USAF 23 TASS)
Wallace Trukki (USAF 20 TASS)
Ron Van Kirk (USAF 19,23 TASS)
K.D. Waters (USMC VMO-2)
Mike Whaley (Civilian)
Gary Whitson (USN VAL-4)
Jim Wolff (USAF 19 TASS)
Richard Wood (USAF 19 TASS)
Glenn Wright (USAF 23 TASS)

You should also check out the original update explaining the story of how we began the mockup project. You can read it here.

OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc.
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 161966
Fort Worth, TX 76161
      Physical Location:
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3300 Ross Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: (800) 575-0535

President:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
  Board of Directors:
    Chairman: Chuck "Igor" Burin
Jim "Boomer" Bloomberg
Mel "Doctor" Clouser
Gordy "Bear" Evans
    Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Tom Kemp
Jim Lair
Jack Thompson
Vice President:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Executive Director:   Jim "Grump" Hodgson
Treasurer:   Tom Kemp
Secretary:   Debbi Lambert

Colombian Wing OBA
Jorge Gutierrez
President, CWOBA
German Wing OBA
Tony De Bruyn
Commander, GWOBA
P.O. Box 70
Zavenetem 1
B-1930 Zavenetem
Phone: + 32 2 758 02 60
Fax: + 32 2 758 02 70
Philippine Wing OBA
Capt. Silvestre U. Glinoga, Jr.
Commander, PWOBA
16th Attack Squadron
Sangley Air Base
Cavite City, Philippines 4101
Phone: (006346) 431-1492
Venezuelan Wing OBA
(Info coming soon)

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